We have a new furry face at our home! I would like you to meet Jade, an 8 week old Golden Retriever.



We picked up Jade on Thursday evening and brought her home to meet our other dogs. I was very interested in seeing how the dogs would react to each other. From her litter, we were told that Jade has one of the most laid back personalities, and we thought this would help her adjust to living with two older dogs. With a laid back temperament, she shouldn’t mind being bossed around so much.

The introductions went better than we anticipated. Mia and Duchess were THRILLED at seeing a puppy. Jade was a bit scared at first of these two bigger dogs licking her and knocking her over. However, once she realized she wasn’t in any danger, she began to play.


I took some time to make sure that Jade was all settled in that first night.


The next day was a big day for Jade. She got her first bath and had to go to the vet for a check up. I think she liked going to the vet more than getting a bath.


After those two things were finished, she was free to play with Mia and Duchess for the rest of the day. Mia absolutely adores Jade and spends all of her time “mothering” her. She doesn’t let Jade out of her sight.


Jade and Duchess get along great as well, but Duchess isn’t quite as interested in Jade as Mia is. This next picture is the perfect description of our dogs. Mia and Jade are playing together close to me in the yard. Meanwhile, Duchess is racing wildly up and down our property doing her own thing.


Jade desperately tries to keep up with the big dogs, but she often just gets run over. This was a new toy, and all of the dogs wanted it for themselves. Poor little Jade didn’t stand a chance, but she got an “A” for effort!


Eventually, the big dogs forgot about the toy and busied themselves doing other things. Jade was then very pleased when she got the toy all to herself.


As it got towards evening, everyone was tuckered out, especially little Jade.


Have a blessed week!

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