Kristen’s Happy Tails was created to share our love for dogs with others. We thoroughly enjoy our four beautiful dogs, and we love raising their puppies. We raise Golden Irish and purebred AKC Irish Setters. We take pride in our dogs and their puppies, and we strive to have healthy, even tempered puppies that will make excellent companions. We appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to bless others with the joy of having a dog.

We believe that puppies raised in a family environment grow up to be more well-adjusted and trainable companions, and we strive to give our puppies the very best start in life! Our puppies get early socialization with adults, children, and other dogs; and they are started on crate training. We also expose our puppies to a variety of household and outdoor noises and activities as a way to begin building an easy-going and confident temperament.


Beyond just the physical, we know health and nutrition are extremely important in a puppy’s well-being. Our puppies are only given the best nutrition! We start with a solid base of Life’s Abundance food, and we also give them NuVet Plus, a supplement that supports puppies’ vulnerable immune systems.

We are a dealer for NuVet Labs and an Independent Field Representative for Life’s Abundance dog food. Click to learn more about Life’s Abundance and NuVet!

You can read more about us, our dogs, and how we raise our puppies.

Current Litter:
ICA Golden Irish

Upcoming Litters:
ICA Golden Irish- Summer/Fall 2023
AKC Irish Setters- Summer/Fall 2023 *this breeding is still undecided*

Interested in a puppy? You can contact us to be put on our waiting list by calling Zach Martin at
717-875-7235 or emailing at KristensHappyTails@gmail.com.

Kristen’s Happy Tails
Kristen Martin
Life’s Abundance Independent Field Representative
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