The Dogs


Mia has been with us since the beginning. She is such a gentle soul and has always been intelligent, friendly, and easy to train. She never tires of playing fetch, and she adores little children! Her loving and playful antics have brought us much laughter. Sometimes she is content to snuggle on the couch, and other times she wants to run around the yard chasing tennis balls. She is always happy and eager to please. Her easy going personality has been blessing in our home.




Duchess was the second dog to join our family. She is our big, cuddly lap dog when she isn’t bounding back and forth across the yard. She loves every person and every dog she meets, and her energy is endless. Her pedigree is impressive, coming from a long line of excellent and healthy setters. Her grandfather was a champion field dog, and those hunting instincts are very evident in Duchess.




Jade is very laid back, and we love that about her. She is very eager to please and was super easy to train. In fact, she learned so much from the other dogs, it seemed we hardly had to train her at all. She is happy, gentle, forgiving, and curious. She happily greets new people and new dogs and is generally well-mannered. Her champion bloodlines and charming personality make her a wonderful part of our home.




Timber is our only male dog. He is also the only one of our dogs that we did not raise from a puppy. He comes from the Celtic Irish Setter bloodline- an excellent line of field Irish Setters.  He has the classic happy setter personality along with their trademark determination and independence. Timber has outstanding hunting instincts and a very handsome appearance.