Life’s Abundance


We are very proud to use and sell Life’s Abundance dog food. We began our journey of dog nutrition during Mia’s first pregnancy. At that point, we fed Purina. After learning more about dog nutrition and the importance of a high-quality food, we knew we needed something better. After many months of searching, we found Life’s Abundance. We have been very happy with Life’s Abundance food, treats, and other products, and we highly recommend it for our puppies!


What is Life’s Abundance? Life’s Abundance is more than just dog food. It is a whole system of balanced and complete nutrition through food, treats, and supplements that promotes overall wellness in a pet from the inside out. Life’s Abundance was started in 1998 by Dennis and Carol Berardi. Dr. Jane Bicks, a leading holistic veterinarian soon joined their team, and their business has grown much in the past years. Their mission statement says,

At Life’s Abundance, we make healthy living easier with products that are inspired by nature and informed by science. With a focus on safety, it is our commitment to use as many natural ingredients as possible, to ensure our product’s quality and efficacy, and to back it up with first-class customer service

What is an Field Representative? As an Independent Field Rep, I am an independent contractor for Life’s Abundance. I am able to sell and advertise their products. I am also here to help you find the best food, treats, and supplements for your pet that will put them on the path to wellness. I am available to answer your questions about Life’s Abundance products and what they can do for your pet. When you buy their products through me, I receive commission at no extra charge to you. I use the commission to help off-set the cost of feeding our dogs, which is one of our biggest expenses.

How do I order? To order you can go to my Life’s Abundance site. You should see Kristen’s Happy Tails listed at the top of the page as your Field Representative. If you don’t, please mention my ID number when you place your first order- 20552921.

What products does Life’s Abundance have? Life’s Abundance makes dog and cat food, treats, and supplements, as well as supplements for people as well. They also have cleaning and pet care products such as shampoos and ear cleaners.

What makes Life’s Abundance a good choice for your pet? Life’s Abundance guarantees the safety and quality of each of its products. It uses natural and healthy ingredients to make some of the finest dog food on the market. Their products are made in small batches, so that when you receive it, you are getting the freshest-possible food. The superior quality of these products help promote over all health and wellness for your pets.


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