Life’s Abundance dog food has science-based nutrition with the vitamins and minerals your pup needs, as well as antioxidants, probiotics, and Omega-3 fatty acids to support overall health. It’s made in small batches, so you have the freshest possible food. Life’s Abundance has never had a recall on any of it’s products!

Life’s Abundance treats are made with wholesome ingredients and do not contain any unhealthy fillers. Their great flavor and excellent nutrition make for happy snacking!

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All Life Stage Dog Food
Formulated to supply dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages with a healthy and satisfying diet.



Grain Free All Life Stage Dog Food
Formulated to supply dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages with a healthy and satisfying grain-free diet.



Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food
Formulated to support high energy levels and healthy development in small and medium breed puppies.



Large Breed Puppy Food
Specially formulated to encourage healthy, controlled growth rates in large breed puppies.



Porky Puffs
Healthy single-ingredient alternative to rawhide!



Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies
A wholesome treat made of free-range turkey, pumpkin, and 3 kinds of berries



Gourmet Dental Treats
Helps support healthy gums and teeth and freshens breath



Buffalo Bully Sticks
Free-range, grass-fed buffalo sticks to reduce tarter and provide chewing pleasure



Buffalo Lungs
Free-range, grass-fed buffalo lung fillets for chewing pleasure



Freeze-Dried Turkey Hearts
Free-range turkey morsels with zero fillers



Buffalo Meat Strips
Savory free-range, grass-fed buffalo treats for chewing pleasure



Antioxidant Health Bars
Yummy treats to help maintain a healthy immune system



Tasty Rewards Training Treats
Lamb and chicken in tender, bite-sized morsels. Savory, attention-getting flavor. Perfectly sized for training!