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We are proud to be an Independent Life’s Abundance Field Representative. Here are the products that we personally use and recommend! When placing your first order, be sure to mention our ID number 20552921, or order from this link. This link is our replicator site which allows you to order your Life’s Abundance products.




We highly recommend this starter pack for anyone purchasing a puppy! It has everything you need to get started- food, treats, supplements, ear cleaner, and bath mist.


This starter pack is great for anyone with an adult dog who is interested in starting with Life’s Abundance. It has everything you need- food, treats, supplements, ear cleaner, shampoo, and bath mist.


This is what we feed our puppies.

All Life Stages

This is what we feed our mommas and what we recommend for our puppies once they reach adulthood

buffalo bully sticks

Our dogs love these healthy buffalo chews! They are an excellent way to clean teeth and satisfy the need for chewing.


Porky Puffs are a much healthier alternative to rawhide. Our dogs love to chew them!


The Agility Formula is a wonderful supplement for our active dogs. It’s also a good choice for breeds that are prone to bone and joint problems.


Fish oil has a long list of health benefits. We use it as a supplement to boost our dogs’ overall health and wellness.



Kristen’s Happy Tails
Kristen Martin
Life’s Abundance Independent Field Representative
ID #20552921