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Life’s Abundance treats are made with wholesome ingredients and do not contain any unhealthy fillers. Their great flavor and excellent nutrition make for happy snacking!


Porky Puffs
Healthy single-ingredient alternative to rawhide!
Pack of 3- $12.99



Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies
A wholesome treat made of free-range turkey, pumpkin, and 3 kinds of berries
4 oz. bag- $13.99
16 oz. bag- $35.99



Gourmet Dental Treats
Helps support healthy gums and teeth and freshens breath
9 oz. bag- $11.99
18 oz. bag- $19.99



Buffalo Bully Sticks
Free-range, grass-fed buffalo sticks to reduce tarter and provide chewing pleasure
Pack of six 6″ sticks- $17.99
Pack of four 9″ sticks- $18.99



Buffalo Lungs
Free-range, grass-fed buffalo lung fillets for chewing pleasure



Freeze-Dried Turkey Hearts
Free-range turkey morsels with zero fillers



Buffalo Meat Strips
Savory free-range, grass-fed buffalo treats for chewing pleasure



Antioxidant Health Bars
Yummy treats to help maintain a healthy immune system
9 oz. bag- $11.99
18 oz. bag- $19.99



Tasty Rewards Training Treats
Lamb and chicken in tender, bite-sized morsels. Savory, attention-getting flavor. Perfectly sized for training!
4 oz bag- $11.99
16 oz bag- $29.99