Yesterday, I took Mia to the vet for an X-ray and an ultrasound probe. Up to this point, I was still crossing my fingers that she was pregnant, because some dogs can have very convincing false pregnancies, during which time they exhibit all the typical signs of pregnancy but are not carrying any puppies.

I was very excited when the vet came back with the X-ray, and I am happy to say that her pregnancy is officially confirmed! I loved seeing the little skeletons of her puppies on the X-ray. They already look adorable! More good news was that the ultrasound probe was able to pick up strong heartbeats, meaning everybody in there is alive and well.

Back at home, we are working diligently to get everything ready for the big day. We still have a couple weeks to go yet, but the anticipation is building and we certainly want to be ready!

Here is her whelping box, complete with a nesting area and a play area for when the puppies are bigger.



I have also been assembling a whelping kit so that I am prepared to assist her if she needs it during delivery.


We are very excited, and we are praying that God blesses us with beautiful, healthy puppies!

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