I would like you to meet Zoe and Hammie, born on August 25.


This was one of those experiences where I am again amazed by God’s extraordinary creation. He instilled in each and every animal the necessary instincts to survive. Without having to be taught, mother dogs know just what to do to care for their puppies. They don’t need books, reference guides, or Google. They only need what God has already given them. It’s beautiful to watch a mother dog deliver and care for her newborn babies. It’s amazing to see the details of God’s creation at work, and we are praising God that He blessed us with a healthy litter.

These two little cuties are named after the two oldest MacPherson children in the Baby Blues comic strip. Both the puppies and the mother are doing well. Mia is a wonderful mother! She is very attentive and very watchful of her two little babies.

I am enjoying the new additions to our household and am looking forward to watching them grow in the next couple months! I am also excited to experiment with puppy photography. Who can resist those darling faces?

For individual information and photos of the puppies, check out our Available Puppies page.




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