Week 3- The Fun Begins!

The past two weeks have been very exciting! It’s been amazing to watch these tiny, helpless puppies grow and develop. In this past week and a half, they have opened their eyes, begun to walk, and begun to play with each other. The more they grow, the more their personalities show.

I am starting to see wagging tails and hear little puppy barks. Now, Mia is doing more than just feeding her babies, she is teaching them to play. As she lays on her side, the puppies crawl over her and bite her ears. She playfully nips them and rolls them away. Today, during one of their first adventures outside, Mia brought them toys to play with like a stick and a Frisbee, although they are bit too small to play with those things yet.

It was interesting to observe the puppies on their first times outside and away from the familiar smells of their nest. Zoe is our brave and curious one. She was the first one to walk; and when she is in a new place, she is the first to wander and explore. Hammie is a bit more cautious. For the first few minutes, he is quite content to sit right next to mama and observe a new environment from a place of safety.

{Zoe looking brave}

{Zoe looking brave}

{Hammie cuddling close to mom}

{Hammie cuddling close to mom}



It is becoming much more fun (and difficult!) to take pictures of these two. They get cuter every day, and I am loving every minute of it! 🙂






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