Tasting the Real World

The world is expanding. New tastes, new smells, new places. There is now solid food to try to eat, water to drink, corners to explore, and a wide sampling of things to chew. They know there is a lot of space outside their pen, and they are learning ways to escape and explore. They wrestle, bark, growl, run, and jump with their little tails wagging furiously the entire time.

Mia’s little munchkins are growing up.

Now, when I try to take pictures, I often end up with results like this:


As you can tell, they are fully mobile and always in motion. You can see the blue and white rope in these pictures. I went to the bother of buying soft, new toys for the puppies to play with. Instead, they found their mother’s old, dirty rope, and this has since become their favorite play thing. Go figure.




Since candid photos no longer produce quality results, my husband and I staged a photo shoot in a basket in an attempt to keep them contained and possibly still for a moment or two. It turned out fairly well!





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