My Promised Review & Summer Catch-Up Post

Is it really July already? It’s been much too long since I have posted, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening around here! Summer is such a fun and busy time in this house. 🙂

But before I get started on that, I want to give my final review on Wondercide. A few months ago, I had posted about this flea, tick, and mosquito repellant that I was trying on our dogs. Now that I have been using it for awhile, I want to talk about it again and give my final opinion. If you’re new to my blog, take the time to read my original post about Wondercide.

I suppose the best way to give my opinion is to tell you that after more than three months, I am still using Wondercide and plan to continue doing so. It works well, but it is definitely not for everyone.

The main drawback is the fact that it requires thoroughness and consistent application. Frontline and other monthly treatments are great, because one treatment protects your dog for thirty days. It’s super easy. However, Wondercide needs to be applied 2-3 times per week. I find this manageable, because all three of my dogs have long hair that should be brushed a few times a week anyway. I simply combine grooming with the Wondercide application.

I also learned that thoroughness is key! After a mild winter, we have seen an unfortunate increase in the ticks on our area. When I first began using Wondercide, I avoided rubbing it on their faces and muzzles. Then, I found a few ticks- on their faces and muzzles. 😦 Since I have learned to be very thorough and to rub the spray ALL over, I haven’t had any trouble.

Over all, I like this product and will continue using it for myself. It is cost effective, and it works well if used properly. It’s natural and gentle. However, I don’t recommend it for everyone. Wondercide takes more work than your average flea and tick prevention. Sometimes easier is just better!

Ah, now that business is taken care of, I’d like to share some of the fun things that have been happening around here lately!

Little Jade has been growing like a weed! She is such a laid back sweetheart, and I love her dearly.

These pictures are already out dated, but they were too cute not to post. We had a cookout by a lake with some friends, and we did some fishing. Jade came along on our outing and was very interested in the fish we caught and the cups of peach tea we weren’t watching.


When she wasn’t trying to steal our bait or drink from our cups, I managed to get a few pictures of her. Is there anything cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy?

Now that it is getting warmer in the summer months, it was time to give Mia her summer hair cut. I like to let her hair get longer over winter; but when summer time comes, all that hair gets HOT!

This is before the hair cut.


This is after.


We also had one not as good happening this summer. We had a very unwelcome guest make an appearance in our yard. My husband was outside working one evening when he noticed the dogs were crowding and jumping around something in the back yard. When he went out to investigate, he discovered a large snapping turtle!


We don’t have any creek on our property, so this guy was wandering pretty far from the water. I am thankful Zach saw what was going on before any of our dogs got hurt! A bite from a snapping turtle could do some serious damage to a curious dog. Mia did get bitten on the nose, but luckily the cut was minor and superficial.


I made sure to clean and sanitize the cut, and it healed well within a few days. As far as the turtle, we captured him in a bucket and released him. I’d really prefer if he stays in his creek now and doesn’t make any more visits to our backyard. 🙂

Now, you are almost caught up on our adventures. I do have one more recent picture and a video of Jade to show you all how big she has gotten! The past week has been very hot and humid. Zach thought the dogs might enjoy some cold water, so we filled a kiddy pool for them. Duchess was unimpressed, Mia waded in it for a little bit, but Jade LOVED it!


Enjoy these dog days of summer!

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