Puppy Update- Two Weeks

We are two weeks in and everyone is doing well! I am so grateful for how smoothly things have gone. Mia is an excellent mother, as usual. Her babies stay clean and very well fed. They have grown quite a bit since birth. The pigment has come into their noses and paw pads, their eyes have opened, and they are just beginning to walk. They used to propel themselves in a swimming motion to get around, but they are now figuring out how to get those little legs underneath them. In the past couple days, I have begun to see them interact and play with each other. It’s very cute to see their uncoordinated play and adorable puppy growls.

The next two weeks will bring about a huge increase in their awareness of the world around them. We will begin paper training in order to get them ready for crate training when they go to their new homes. As soon as they are confident on their feet, we will provide a “potty area” outside of their nest to teach them that they don’t potty where they sleep.

I am very excited for the next weeks as I get to observe their individual personalities emerge. It’s always such a fun time!

Below is a picture of the puppies in order from darkest to lightest. Herby, Harper, and Huck are the three darkest puppies. Hamlet, Harley, Happy, and Hazel are the lighter puppies, with Hazel (far right) being the lightest.


Harley is my big boy, weighing nearly a pound more than Harper, who is the smallest of the bunch. Here you can clearly see the stark difference in size.


That’s all I have for tonight. I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!

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