Call the Midwoof!

It’s a happy Sunday here today! Mia safely delivered seven puppies this morning, all without any assistance from me. I am grateful and excited for a couple reasons. First, SEVEN puppies! After delivering a single pup via c-section a little over a year ago, seven puppies seems like such a crowd. Secondly, I am very grateful for an easy, natural delivery. Although I didn’t need to intervene, I cautiously watched from the sidelines. My vet didn’t have any concerns about Mia’s ability to deliver naturally; but, of course, a little extra vigilance on my part was certainly warranted. The only thing I did was give her some liquid calcium to help with efficient contractions, and I am very pleased with how things went!

A little bit of surprise this time. We have our very first apricot puppy! Mia is an apricot color, and we have always used a red Mini Poodle stud. Our previous litters have only had red puppies, with very slight variations in darkness. This time, though, we have a few shades of red and one very distinct apricot. It’s fun to see the beauty in variety!

Here is a group shot of our seven beautiful fur babies- five males and two females. I’ll post individual pictures of the puppies in a few days. Enjoy your Sunday!


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