Heading Home!

And just like that, we are done with Mia’s 2019 puppies! The last two months have just flown by. I remember thinking when Mia’s puppies were born that by the time they left for new homes, I would be nearing the end of my pregnancy. And now here we are! While I always enjoy puppies, I also have some relief that these cute little guys are in their new homes. With my growing belly, I was finding it harder and harder to muster up the energy to keep up with the puppies. 🙂 I know they will be so happy in new homes where they can get the individual attention they need.

I had so much fun meeting and getting to know the puppies’ new families! I am definitely fortunate to work with these folks who I know are going to give my special pups wonderful homes. It’s such a blessing to see my puppies bringing joy to new families and also know that all the effort and time I put into raising them is worth it!

Thank you to all of you for investing in this process and giving these sweet pups their forever homes! I hope you all experience many happy and healthy years with your new friend!









This last picture makes me smile! One of the puppies’ families gave Reese this shirt as a gift. It says “Official Puppy Tester.” And she LOVES it. Every day, she has been asking me if she can wear her puppy shirt.

On a different note, if anyone has looked at my list of upcoming litters, you would have noted that there is a litter of Irish Setters listed for March. Yes, that is right! We are officially on “puppy watch” with Duchess! She is due any day, and I am very grateful that she decided to wait at least until all of Mia’s puppies were gone. We get to start this whole fun process over right away again; and sometime in the midst of it all, our own sweet little boy will make his arrival. While the work does look a bit overwhelming, I am blessed to have a wonderful network of family and friends who have lovingly offered to help with baby and puppies! It really does take a village!

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

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