The Beginning.

“We are just going to look,” my husband told me.

I just smiled. Sure, we are.

It was just a couple weeks after our wedding, and we were on our way to a farm a few miles from our new home. We had been looking at puppies for months, discussing what breed we were going to purchase. A month or two before our wedding, we had settled on a Miniature Goldendoodle, and now we were finally going to look at puppies!

I was as bad as a child, already imagining cuddling my furry little pooch. I could hardly wait to go see them. I was probably even squirming with excitement in my seat! Zach knew his wife well. He knew that as soon as she saw those little wiggling balls of fur, her heart would be set. He did his best to appear firm.

“We’re not going to decide about buying a puppy while we are there. We will come home, talk about it, and then decide.”

I’ll give him credit. He almost pulled it off.

Fast forward about fifteen minutes, and there we were sitting in the grass cuddling a litter of eight week old Mini Goldendoodles. We had already picked out the one we liked the best, and I was sold. Because of “the talk,” though, I didn’t mention anything about buying her.

After all, we were just there to look.

She wiggled onto Zach’s lap, and he rubbed behind her floppy ears. Then he looked at me with a sheepish grin on his face. “Should I tell them we’ll take her?”

And that was that.

The next day we did our “puppy shopping.” We came home with all the necessities, along with a few extra maybe-not-so-necessary things as well. Then we brought her home.

Below is a picture of Mia on the first day at her new home.

She was such a dear (and still is)! I will admit, she wasn’t nearly as cute when she had accidents in the house, but thankfully she caught on to the house training routine fairly easily.

Now she has grown into a well adjusted and usually well behaved dog. (Everyone has their moments, right?) If you give her a pat on the head or play a round or two of fetch, you’ll be her friend for life.

Loving life!

Loving life!

She’s funny, endearing, entertaining, and adorable. She is Mia!

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