On the Road Again

I love blog posts with pictures. Lots of words can get a bit tedious to read, but pictures are always fun. 🙂 For those of you out there like me, here is a good post for you.

I have gathered an assortment of pictures from a few recent trips we made. Whenever we can, we take Mia along with us. We were gone this past weekend, and we did quite a bit of driving, during which Mia mostly slept at my feet. I was reminded how thankful I am that Mia travels so well and even enjoys going away.

Let’s begin chronologically.

About a month ago, we had a weekend at a cabin with my brother and his family. They brought their beagle along, and the two dogs had fun playing and romping in the woods for the weekend! We took them and the children that were along on a creek walk. It got a bit (ok, very) muddy, but it was worth it!

A couple of weekends later, Zach and I went camping. We took a few pictures while walking some of the nearby trails. There also was a dog park at the camp ground, and Mia made a few new friends. Playing fetch at the dog park didn’t work well, though, because Mia would always let the other dogs get the ball. At least she can share!

Just this past weekend, we made a trip along with some extended family to Heritage Days in East Waterford, Pennsylvania. My husband’s family has several antique John Deere tractors, and it is becoming a fun tradition to take them to Heritage Days for the tractor shows and pulls. The fair grounds are full of people, tractors, trucks, food stands, and flea markets. I wasn’t sure how Mia would do with all of the noise and commotion, but she did very well! She was really hamming it up with the people who stopped to pet her, and she was relaxed enough to sleep during the truck pulls. Just imagine my surprise while turbos are screaming down the track, my dog is snoozing at my feet! I love that I can take my dog to places like that knowing that she will be relaxed and behave well.

After that, it was a two hour drive home, and my tired pooch was happy to be back in her bed. 🙂

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