A Catch-Up Post

It’s been over a week since I posted an update about the puppies, so it’s time to update you on the past little bit. Hammie and Brandi have both been doing very well and growing so much! They are eight weeks old now and ready to head off to their new homes.

Lately we have been trying to expose them to new people, places, and things. Last week, I took them to the school where I work. I took them to the Kindergarten classroom where they got to play in a circle of wiggling, squealing Kindergarten students. Hammie thoroughly enjoyed it and did his best to be near the loudest children, while Brandi was a little bit cautious and preferred to sit on the laps of the calmer and gentler children.

One afternoon a family in our neighborhood came to play with the puppies. Both the children and the puppies loved it!





In the past two weeks, these little guys have really begun to enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing quite as good as a rowdy romp in the yard!



There are also a lot of great things to chew on outside. I find this much better than when they steal my socks and shoes!




I also tried to get a few good portraits of them, but “eight weeks old” and “good portraits” typically don’t coincide.





These pictures above were taken on one of the last days that the puppies were together. On Saturday, little Miss Brandi left for her new home! It was exciting to see her welcomed into a new family, but it was also a little sad for me to see her go. One thing that made it easier to hand her off was that I know she will be dearly loved by her new family!


That was the very last time I got to hold my little Brandi!


Welcome to your forever home!

2 thoughts on “A Catch-Up Post

  1. Kristen says:

    They are very different! I am surprised by how many Golden Retriever traits Hammie has maintained despite the fact that he is three-quarters Poodle. That’s the thing with mixed breed puppies- they can always surprise you!


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