The last of Mia’s munchkins has gone off to his new home! On Saturday, my cousin Sonya and I drove Hampton a few hours to meet his new family. We found out the hard way that he can hold his bladder exactly three and a half hours. My wonderful cousin who had been holding him on her lap was very forgiving about having a large wet spot on her dress. 😦 Ironically, we had just left the highway and pulled into a parking space in order to let him out of the car, but he just couldn’t wait, I guess.

Other than that, we had a uneventful drive. We met at a beautiful park; and because we got there early, we had some time to let Hampton play and do a photoshoot.




I made sure I spent a lot of time holding him. I am definitely going to miss this sweet little guy!



Hampton had just relieved himself before this picture, so Sonya decided it would be safe to hold him again. 😉


And here he is sporting a handsome sweater and giving kisses to his new master. 🙂 Enjoy your forever home, Hammie!



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