Five Weeks

This week marks five weeks old for little Noel. We made two visits in the past week to play with her foster siblings from BJ’s Farm. The puppies are now old enough to play and interact. The boxer puppies are very intrigued by Noel’s tail, since their own tails are docked. They like to bite on it, which Noel doesn’t appreciate very much. It was a good lesson in tolerance! She also learned how to tell the other puppies when she had had enough of the tail-biting. I’m eager to continue our play dates and see her progress in the coming weeks. She was very shy for the first couple of visits, but on her last visit she started to be more bold and playful. The next two weeks should see some very noticeable changes as she continues to grow and find her confidence.

We had a few very beautiful, warm days this week. I believe they will be the last ones of the season, though. I made sure to take advantage of the time to have Noel outside, because I don’t think we will have many more opportunities to play outside for long periods of time.


img_2798Mia seemed to enjoy teaching Noel to play with the leaves and sticks.


Noel just recently learned how good a belly rub feels!


This little sweetie also got to be my official dog bed tester! I took some time this weekend to try a new design for a dog bed. I am very pleased with the outcome! You can check it out here in my store!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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