Puppy Update: (Almost) Six Weeks

Before I begin, I want to clarify that I do know my days of the week. 🙂 My last Munchy Monday post accidentally was posted Sunday. I’ll get it right next time.

This week the puppies will be six weeks old! It’s amazing how fast the time goes. In just two and a half short weeks, these little fur balls will be heading off to their new homes!

Right now, we are continuing the weaning process. Mia no longer stays with the puppies over night, and I am starting to limit her time with them during the day. My goal is to have them totally weaned from milk onto hard kibble by seven weeks. For now, their food is still softened, but I’m slowly softening it less and less to get them used to eating hard food.

The puppy potty training is also going well. The number of messes I have to clean up outside of the designated potty area has drastically decreased in the past week. They still have occasional accidents; but, overall, they are doing very well.

The next big thing for the puppies is their first round of puppy vaccines. This happens around six and a half weeks old. After they have been vaccinated, I introduce them to our other dogs. They will probably only get to play with Jade, because she is the most gentle. Duchess and Timber can get a little too rough with their play for the puppies. Then at seven weeks old, each puppy receives a wellness exam by our veterinarian. So the next couple of weeks will be busy ones as we try to get everyone ready to go to their new homes!

Each day, I try to take the puppies outside to play. This helps them get used to outdoor noises, like the lawn mower, cars, etc. Here are some pictures from playing outside yesterday evening.






The puppies love the baby!


Harley checking out my wash basket




They are becoming more coordinated and agile. (Stanley)


Huck and Harper playing with a branch of dead leaves


The puppies checking out the stones to see if they are safe to walk on

Have a wonderful week!

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