Winter 2023 Litter is Here!

Hello, everyone! I am happy to introduce Nova’s litter of Golden Irish puppies. They were born on January 19. It feels like a long time since we have a litter of puppies, but it’s exciting to get back into the swing of it. There are three males and one female, and they are all doing well. Nova is a great mom and is highly attentive to her little babies.

There are deposits pending on all of the puppies, but if you are interested in a Golden Irish puppy, please get in touch with me or Zach, and we can chat about matching you with a future pup!

Now, let me catch you up on life at our place. My last blog post is dated summer of 2021! Yikes. That’s a long time. So, here’s a recap of our last 18 months.

Duchess and Mia both retired. They are still here, living the cushy life. Timber is semi-retired and will likely fully retire this year. That is our first generation of dogs that have aged out of the breeding years! The last 18 months was a transition from our first generation to our second generation of dogs.

Our breeding schedule now is working with two younger females- Nova (Irish Setter) and Oakley (Golden Retriever). Nova had a single puppy litter last summer, and we are hoping to see a first litter from Oakley later this year.

While this 18 month transition was longer than expected, it came at a good time. Soon after our 2021 litters headed home, we found out we would be welcoming a third baby into our family. During my pregnancy and the first half year after our baby was born, we didn’t have any large litters of puppies.

And that’s just about it! New baby. Retiring the older dogs, and starting the young ones. You will probably see more of us and our dogs on social media again and here on the blog now that we will be having litters more regularly again. It’s shaping up to be a fun year for puppies!

Have a blessed day!

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