The Quiet Weeks

The last two weeks have been quiet, and that’s the best way to start off a litter of puppies. Nova has been an excellent mother, and the puppies have been eating, sleeping, and growing. My work has been very minimal. I take care of Nova, monitor the puppies’ growth, and keep their bedding clean. This will change, of course, as the puppies grow and begin to explore their world and begin to wean from mom. But for now, they are solely dependent on her, and she has been doing a great job. Their eyes are open, and their sharp, little teeth are beginning to grow in.

The best thing I can do for the puppies in the first couple weeks is keep their momma healthy and happy. Good quality food is the number one way to ward off infections and disease and ensure mom is healthy and has plenty of milk. Nova is eating Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dog food and is getting one NuVet Plus supplement a day. Currently, we are free feeding her, which means she can eat as much as she wants, so her body can make plenty of milk for her growing babies. Life’s Abundance food gives a great foundation of high-quality proteins, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and everything else she needs. NuVet Plus is a supplement that gives an extra support to her immune system. This is important, since a momma’s immune system often gets stressed and run down during pregnancy and while nursing puppies. Because her body is working extra hard, it makes her vulnerable to illness, so we take care to give extra immune system support to keep her healthy.

In the coming weeks, the puppies will begin to explore. This is when the socialization really begins to kick in! Right now, the puppies get handled very gently a little every day. I usually pick them up, hold them on their backs, tickle their toes, and of, course, snuggle them close. Soon, they will get to experience all sorts of things including new sights and sounds, food, toys, outdoors, etc.

For now, though, they remain quite sleepy and peaceful. From left to right is Bailey, Paddy, Lucky, and Clover (female).

My children are very excited for the time that the puppies will be able to play with them. They enjoy petting them and holding them, but they know the real fun is yet to come!

Have a blessed day!

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